I'm the creator of No Diet Babe. I am a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.
I also completed a Bachelor of Oral Health and I am a Registered Dental Practitioner and have been working in the Dental Industry for over a decade!
My boyfriend calls me a Sexy Nerd haha!

I used to struggle with Chronic Dieting and yo-yoing in weight. It felt like a constant struggle for me to maintain my weight and everyday was a battle of trying to eat well and wanting to be "lean" or "strong" or "fit". I finally found my happiness and am content where I am.
Now I help women who find it hard to lose weight or maintain weight. Women who constantly turn to diets but just know that there's more to it because the diets aren't working!!
If you are constantly on a diet, have various sizes in your closet and have constant cravings, then you are in the right place! I've got you girlfriend!!
I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge with the world and helping people! I'm just so excited to help women like you that feel exhausted and are sick of spending time and money on diet programs and going to the gym but not seeing results. Or even worse seeing results and then watching the weight creep back up again and feeling like a failure or feeling like you have no will power.
Honey you DO have willpower! You are AMAZING and you can do ANYTHING with the right information and tools!
I know what it's like. Throughout my late teens and early twenties I was constantly on a diet.
I was an emotional eater and binge eater and had a range of different sizes in my closet.

I used to think the only way to maintain or lose weight was to diet! I used to fluctuate up and down all the time and everyday was a constant battle of fighting cravings.

I would diet and binge. It was an exhausting cycle where I eliminated all forms of junk food because I didn't trust myself and I thought that was the only way.

I saddens me to think that other women are going through what I went through.

If you are restricting, reducing and approaching food from the wrong mindset babe then you will continue struggle!

You might be missing out on getting the right guidance or the right tools to help.

I want to help! Check out my freebies page and get the password so we can get started!

If you are truly ready then fill out the contact form on my work with me page for a discovery call one-on-one for free so we can start looking at the blocks that are keeping you from being at your happy weight.

I look forward to working with you babe!!