Have you ever tried a diet and failed?

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Girl, I know you’ve been dying to know why you can’t fit into your skinny jeans even though you have tried to eat healthy and exercise!

You CAN have slimmer thighs, a smaller waist, feel confident and be proud of your body without cutting out chocolate, wine or carbs.

You CAN be motivated to eat right to lose weight, without always relying on your will power (we all know what happens to will power after a stressful day).

You CAN look good Without sacrificing a social life

You CAN Feel sexy without endless hours of cardio

You CAN reduce sugar cravings WITHOUT cutting out sugar (Yes I know crazy right?)

Let me guess babe you are:

Sick of not fitting into your old jeans – YES!

Sick of shopping for clothes in a bigger size you want to admit to being – YES!

Sick of starting your journey over and over because you are only motivated at the start and then lose track when you slip up - YES!

You feel FEAR what if I always stay like this forever and never lose weight or gain even more?

You feel ANGER, why me, why am I like this, why can’t I look after myself, why am I so bad at this, why can’t I control myself?

You are ashamed to wear certain outfits so you cover up and You feel DESPAIR shopping for clothes in a bigger size and this is really triggering some negative emotions in you

You DOUBT your ability to control yourself around food and your ability to stick to anything and It feels easier to ignore the weight because even if you do manage to lose weight it’s always short lived and you have to deal with the trauma of gaining it all back and looking like a complete failure

PANIC about the number on the scales and If you do weigh yourself, you are in a bad mood for hours, even days

You feel DISGUST towards your body when you catch your reflection in a store window that leaves you feeling angry and upset with yourself

You dread photos being taken of yourself on your “fat” days at all costs because seeing yourself in a photo looking fat makes you feel sick to your core.

Not to mention Social DILEMMAs where you feel angst when you get invited to eat at social events because you are on some restrictive meal plan and feel guilty if you stray from your plan

You keep on trying to plan how you are going to fit into that dress but NEVER seem to get there.

Did you know that.....

Here's the REAL reason why people fail

Problem #1 – people don’t know what drives their motivation and their eating behaviours – SOLVED WITH NO DIET BABE I TELL YOU HOW WHAT DRIVES YOUR MOTIVATION AND BEHAVIOUR

Problem #2 – people don’t understand the regulatory mechanisms of the body that keep weight at a set point and blame themselves for a system that is designed to keep them alive - SOLVED WITH NO DIET BABE I TEACH YOU HOW TO OUTSMART YOUR OWN BODY’S REGULATORY SYSTEMS WITH SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY

Problem #3 – people don’t know how much to eat and what to eat and end up following a meal plan that isn’t designed specifically for their body type - SOLVED WITH NO DIET BABE I SHOW YOU HOW TO CREATE CUSTOM MEAL PLANS INTUITIVELY